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“Nearly all movement disorders must be treated by movement, but how do we do this when it hurts so much? The best path back to functional movement is through treating the pain first, then reintroducing gentle, consistent movement” 

-Dr. Tanya McMillan R.Ac TCMD. MT

Sports medicine acupuncture is administered to:

Alleviate Pain

Improve Range of Motion

Relieve Tension

Increase or Decrease Muscle Tone
(depending on method used and with or without Electro-stimulation)

Treat Referred Pain
(shooting, aching, spreading sensation type pain)

Increase Mobility
(by helping muscles to work synergistically)

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Sports Medicine acupuncture or dry needling is a form of intramuscular stimulation (IMS) The goal of this sports injury acupuncture treatment is to relax tense muscles as well as treat trigger points causing myofascial pain. The Sports Medicine Acupuncturist stimulates the muscle tissue to elicit a twitch response from the muscle, this twitch response reduces tension in the muscle tissue and fascia. The twitch also adjusts the proprioception in the muscle allowing muscles to function properly and in unison with the surrounding muscle groups.  

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What is proprioception?

Proprioception is the sense of self movement, force and body position. It is how our body understands where it is in time and space, for example; athletes, particularly gymnasts have excellent proprioception, this is how they achieve such control and balance while under great force. When a group of muscles have become very tight, yet others have remained weak this throws off our proprioception, making even the simplest of tasks, like putting on shoes, very difficult. Patients start to notice themselves leaning on the wall or door to stabilize themselves while they put on shoes, or often lose their balance while trying to put on pants. Good proprioception and muscle health is key to keeping us healthy, active and pain free as we get older.

Does Sports INJURY Acupuncture hurt?

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No, when a muscle twitch is achieved there is a momentary contraction of the muscle tissue, then the muscle immediately lets go, along with the tension previously in the muscle. The relief is almost immediate and will be very noticeable when you are done with your sports injury acupuncture treatment. Many patients with tension in their neck will report immediately finding it easier to shoulder check while driving, or find it easier to put on clothing. These immediate changes are part of the reason why acupuncture for sports injuries has become increasingly popular. 

What should I expect afterwards?

Immediately you will notice an increase in range of motion, tension will be greatly reduced and some patients even notice a wonderful warm sensation in the area as the blood flow is increased.  Please allow 24 hours for your treatment to settle in before resuming workout/gym activities.

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Without Acupuncture Treatment

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Consults can be used to determine what modalities might suit your health care needs best. This option is best suited to patients who are interested in herbal and diet therapy treatment alone without the use of acupuncture.

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